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Texas must establish a more reliable electric grid with added dispatchable energy. We can meet energy demands and ensure a reliable energy future through carbon capture and sequestration. 

Texas Governor Says State Power Supply Needs to Grow 10-15%

Data Center Coverage, Feb. 8, 2024

(Bloomberg) — Texas Governor Greg Abbott said his state will need to grow its power supply capacity by as much as 15% annually to keep up with rising demand from homes and businesses.   

“For every business relocating here, there is an increased demand from our power grid,” Abbott, a Republican, said at the NAPE Summit energy conference in Houston on Wednesday (February 7).  “We need to be prepared to increase our power supply capability by 10-15% per year.”  Read the full article here.

$38.9 Billion In Proposed Texas Gas Plants Overwhelm Expectations

REA Response More Texans are embracing innovative technology to deliver dispatchable and reliable power. The Texas Energy Fund (TEF) received an impressive 125 applications for 56 gigawatts of new natural gas power generation.  $38.9 Billion In Proposed Texas Gas Plants Overwhelm Expectations My RGV, Jun. 10, 2024 The Public Utility

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