Empowering Texas for Energy Innovation

Advocating for 45Q Designation for the Texas Railroad Commission

The Reliable Energy Alliance understands that entrusting the Texas Railroad Commission with regulatory oversight and stewardship for our state will enhance a reliable energy future. We actively support the Texas Railroad Commission’s pursuit of 45Q Designation from the EPA to accelerate the adoption of carbon capture and storage projects.

Texas possesses the necessary energy expertise for scaling up carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology to an industrial level. The state has access to abundant underground pore space, both on land and along the Gulf Coast, making it an ideal location for safe carbon dioxide storage. 

While there are market and commercial challenges to overcome in advancing CCUS development, a lengthy regulatory process is an inherent risk.

A prolonged and inefficient regulatory process, under the oversight of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, can impede the progress of commercial development. Moreover, there is no inherent advantage to achieving the desired permitting results at the federal level.

Granting the Texas Railroad Commission to supervise and advance CCUS projects within the state can foster a collaborative approach involving private industry working in partnership with the state, contributing to a more sustainable energy future. 

“Clearly, there is concern today about levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and its impact on the environment,” said Leslie Savage, RRC’s Chief Geologist. “Class VI injection wells have the potential to be part of the solution by trapping the CO2 in appropriate geologic formations. We hope our program will be able to streamline the process and allow for the timely issuing of Class VI permits.”

Primacy over Class VI wells should be granted for consistency’s sake and to help Texas more effectively encourage investment in emission reduction technologies and carbon capture projects. Texas aims to draw the attention of CCUS projects in its pursuit of achieving primacy over Class VI wells. The RRC’s submission to the EPA is a pivotal component of a broader policy framework, strategically designed to establish Texas as the unquestionable frontrunner in the field of carbon capture and storage technologies.

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