Texas takes a giant leap in carbon capture

Empowering industries and the marketplace to accelerate the commercial deployment of carbon capture will reduce emissions and maintain the Lone Star State’s position as a global energy leader.

Carbon capture applications surge at EPA, increasing permit backlog

-The Houston Chronicle, Nov. 3, 2023
Texas is well-positioned to lead carbon capture projects, driving economic growth with fewer emissions. We have the infrastructure and expertise for advancing carbon capture technology to create affordable and reliable power generation if the EPA gets out of the way.

Fossil fuel demand to peak this decade, IEA forecasts

-The Houston Chronicle, Sep. 26, 2023
Texas boasts abundant fossil fuel resources, including coal, oil, and natural gas, which can power a dependable and cost-effective energy future. It’s time to support the fossil fuel industry to tackle the dual challenge of delivering dependable, affordable energy with fewer emissions.